Adderall is not the Answer to Cramming for Tests

Adderall has a high tendency for abuse, can cause clinical depression, create dependence, trigger latent schizophrenia and turn a person into an empty shell.

Adderall is a legitimate drug that takes care of the chemical imbalance in kids with ADHD. The danger is when without this imbalance take the drug. Since Adderall is a relatively new drug, no one knows what the long-term health effects are.

An overdose can cause seizures and elevated body temperature, and withdrawal symptoms include irritability, hunger, anxiety, restless sleep and nightmares

Adderall is an illegal drug when used by somebody without a prescription. If you have it in your possession, give it to others or sell it you can be expelled from school. So much for getting ahead, heh?

Before using drugs and before deciding that cramming is for you, ask yourself this question, "What do I want out of my education?" Is it to just pass tests? Is it to learn information well so that you become competent in the field of your choice? I think that if you are wanting to excel in your field of study then you need to study through out the semester, take care of your self physically and mentally, and don't rely on cramming to pass exams.



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